Anarchy Online - Item List

Name Price Quality Requires Properties Description
Rusty MTI 95 Match Pistol <10 1 Wield: Pistol 5, Burst 5, Fling Shot 5 Ammotype: Bullets; Dmg: 3-15(15); Speed: Attack 2.50s, Recharge 2.50s; Loc: RightHand LeftHand; Rng: 24m; Dual Wield: Multi Ranged 39; Special: Burst Fling Shot; AtkSkills: Pistol 100%; DefSkills: Dodge-Rng 100%; DmgType: Imp/Proj AC; Mass: 2.5kg; This is a rusty version of the MTI 95 Match Pistol, an adaption of MTI's USP pistol, adding accuracy, controllability and reliability to an already superb design
Old Atlas Bern C.V. <10 1 Wield: Pistol 6, Burst 6, Fling Shot 6 Ammotype: Bullets; Dmg: 6-4(20); Speed: Attack 2.70s, Recharge 2.00s; Loc: RightHand LeftHand; Rng: 30m; Dual Wield: Multi Ranged 49; Special: Burst Fling Shot; AtkSkills: Pistol 100%; DefSkills: Dodge-Rng 100%; DmgType: Imp/Proj AC; Mass: 2.0kg; A 21mm from the planet of Eple, this superb custom-made weapon is a favourite in sporting circles. The high power and long range of the 21mm also make it favourite in other circles. It's been on the market for a very long time, and old copies can often be found.
A Faded NanoCluster of ForceField Knowledge 14? 1 - Charges: 1; Modifier: Quantum FT 2; Mass 0.0kg; This Faded NanoCluster of ForceField Knowledge can be used with any Right-Hand implant.
Blister Pack with Coat of Barbs 25 2 Use: Matt.Metam 17, Matter Crea 17, Adventurer Charges: 5; Mass 0.3kg; This Blister Pack contains pills with a cloud of Nano Bots representing the Nano Formula Coat of Barbs. (Protects the target with a damage shield that inflicts a small amount of damage each time it is hit.)
Rubi-Ka Ruby 39 1 - Charges: 1; Mass: 0.1kg; A handsome gem, that still fetches a handsome price

Omni divisions

Tasks: Police, military, security guards - the servants of the public. Qualifications and experience: Loyal and skilled warriors to safeguard our family. Proficiency in all forms of combat and weaponry a prerequisite. Any experience with intergalactic warfare an advantage.
Tasks: Medical research, biotechnology, drugs - the seekers of knowledge. Qualifications and experience e: We need proven scientists who are never satisfied medical science has reached its zenith. We also need trainees to study under our team of medical researchers.
Tasks: Social engineering, information - the teachers of the public. Qualifications and experience: PR people with good communication skills and a high level of knowledge. Charm and people skills are also attributes that will be weighed highly in the applications for this department.
Tasks: Administration, bureaucracy, diplomacy, trade - the nerves of society. Qualifications and experience: Good organizational skills as well as good diction and impeccable communication skills are required for this line of work. With such a large corporation, the loyalty and dedication of management is imperative.
Tasks: Mining, extracting minerals and production. Qualifications and experience: Mining is the reason Omni- Tek is on Rubi- Ka to begin with. Physical strength and endurance are highly valued qualities as mining can be hard. With the abundance of nano- bots on the planet however, it doesn’t have to be the back- breaking task it is often stereotyped to be.
Tasks: Transportation, teleporting, communication, infrastructure. Qualifications and experience: Scouts, messengers and explorers are in control of the department. Quick feet, loyalty and street smarts are required to succeed within this exciting and expanding branch of the company.