Rubi-Ka Geographical Society - Maps


For navigation purposes, the following definitions should help understand the complex topology of Rubi-Ka:

Playfield Playfields are handled by a specific server and while they sometimes divide geographical areas, they are independent of the geographical areas. Part of a playfield can be hadled by a more detailed playfield for performance reasons.

Map Name These are the names that are shown as map name in map shops. They correspond to a playfield and the only time you see the name mentioned is on mission terminals and when entering a new playfield (also called "zone").

Area A geographical area is limited by certain absolute world coordinates. Areas describe geographical peculiarities, like mountain ranges, mountain passes, desert, forest and towns. Sometimes they appear in mission descriptions.

Coordinates Coordinates are always relative to the playfield. As far as I have seen they are in the range of 0 to maximum 3500, but larger values are possible. The X coordinate increases from left (west) to right (east) and the Y coordinate increases from bottom (south) to top (north). The size of playfields varies greatly. A first impression on the size of a playfield can be found by looking at zone numbers.

Zone numbers These numbers are directly derived from the coordinate system. Zone 0 is equivalent to the coordinate range from 0 < X < 40 and 0 < Y < 40. Zone 1 is directly to the right (east) of zone 0, meaning 40 < X < 80, with the Y coordinate the same as for zone 0. After reaching the east edge of the map, zone numbering continues with the next row with 40 < Y < 80. Thus, the formula for determining the zone number from X and Y, where pfwidth is the width of the playfield in coordinate units, is:

zone = X / 40 + Y / 40 * pfwidth / 40

Using this formula it is also possible to determine the playfield width from examining how zone numbers change when going north or south: If there is a difference of N zones, the playfield width is N*40.

Let us look at an example mission description, that asks you to repair a radar display in Aegan Exp, in the area of Junk Yard followed by some coordinates. Aegan Exp is the map name of a small playfield east of Old Athen. You reach it by using the east exit from Old Athen. Most of this area also has the area name Junk Yard. The coordinates are relative to the playfield. Once you enter the playfield, the location of the mission is displayed on the overview map.


Here is a list of maps togehter with map navigation skill requirements

Map item name ReqMaps containedPlayfields containedComments
4 Holes 04 Holes ?Couldn't upload on Clan character
Aegan 56Aegan, [Omni-1 HQ]?The map says Omni-1 HQ but doesn't upload it!
Andromeda i 80Andromeda ?
Athen Shire 71Athen Shire
Athen West 66Athen West
Avalon 350Avalon
Bay of Rome 120Bay of Rome
Belial Forest 400Belial Forest
Borealis City 35Borealis City 800
Broken Crest 191Broken Crest
Central Artery Valley 390Central Artery Valley
Clondyke 80Clondyke
Deep Artery Valley 700Deep Artery Valley
Dry Wastes 04 Holes Problems uploading this on main clan character
Eastern Fouls Plains 546Eastern Fouls Plain
Galway County 600Galway County, Galway ShireDescriptions shows Galway County twice!
Hole in the Wall 65Holes In the WallDescriptions shows no contained map!
Lush Fields 45Mutant Domain, Lush Fields
Milky Way 235Milky Way
Newland 45-565Description shows no conained maps, but Newland (sometimes referred as Newland Desert) is contained
Newland City and Desert ?-566, 567This is a new map (12.8) containing both Newland City and Newland Desert, the vicinity of the City
Old Athens 45Athen Old
Omni Forest 35Greater Omni Forest, Omni Forest
Omni-1 - HQ 200Omni-1 HQ
Omni-1 - Trader District 25Omni-1 Trade
Omni-1 Entertainment District 15Omni-1 Entertainment
Perpetual Wastelands 700Perpetual Wastelands
Plains of Salt 346Plains of Salt
Pleasant Meadows 75Pleasant Meadows
Rome Blue District 50Rome Blue District
Rome Green District 40Rome Green District
Rome Red District 56Rome Red District
Southern Artery Valley 270Southern Artery Valley
Southern Fouls Plains 200Southern Fouls Plain
Stret East Bank 190Stret East Bank
Stret West Bank 65Stret West Bank
The Longest Road 140The Longest Road
The Reck 50The Reck
The Spur 100The Spur
Three Craters 200Three Craters
Tir City 15Tir
Tir County 35Greater Tir County, Tir County
Upper Stret East Bank 240Upper Stret East Bank
Varmint Woods 110Varmint Woods
Startup Maps - Clans -Aegean, [Omni-1 HQ], Athen Old, Wailing Wastes,
Athen West, Athen Shire, Greater Tir County, Tir, Tir County
Must not have uploaded any other Startup Maps
Startup Maps - Neutrals -Stret West Bank, Newland, Newland City, Borealis CityMust not have uploaded any other Startup Maps
Startup Maps - Clans -Mutant Domain, Omni-1 HQ, Galway County, Galway Shire,
Rome Red District, Rome Green District, Rome Blue District,
Lush Fields, Greater Omni Forest, Omni-1 Entertainment,
Omni-1 Trade, Omni Forest
Must not have uploaded any other Startup Maps

Map Reader Upgrades

Upgrade ReqComment
Machines 50See shops, Insurance Terminals and other static machines
Monsters 130See Monsters as dots
People 80See other People as white dots
Side 450See other People with the side they are on
Directional Arrow 25Shows Arrow in the direction you are moving

Playfield List

Following is a list of visited playfields, along with their map name and playfield width.

NOTE:The Playfield numbers are from a file on the client. Not all of these playfields are currently active. It is speculation whether these will ever become live.

500GM Playfield ??
505Avalon 3440A large playfield near Avalon, very advanced and deadly, Contains a great lava basin.
510Broken Crest ??
515The Endless Plains ??
520Sandsend ??
525Sparta ??
530Striate Rubi ??
535The Big One ??
540Athen Old ?The playfield covering the megacity Old Athen formerly known as Omni-2. It consists of the areas Old Athen West and Old Athen East.
545Athen West 800Small area covering all of West Athen, together with the two small forts and the Mall. Located west of Old Athen. Actually a detail map of Athen Shire.
550Athen Shire 3040The area west of Athen West.
551Wailing Wastes/AthShiExp3040A large playfield way north of Athen. Its connects to PF 505 to the north. One are is called "The Somber Wastes"
555Dry Wastes ??
560Mort ??
565Newland ?This is the large Newland Map. Sometimes it is referred as Newland Desert though, because most of it consists of desert.
566Newland City ?The small playfield covering the town limits of Newland City.
567Newland Desert 2000Outside Newland City is the smaller playfield "Newland Desert", other names were Newland Exp and Newland, which led to some confusion until the maps have been fixed as well.
570Perpetual Wastelands ??
575Plains of Salt ??
580Three Craters ??
585Aegean ?The large area east of Old Athen.
586Wartorn Valley/Aegan Exp1240A smaller detail playfield within Aegan and to the east of Old Athen.
590Central Artery Valley ??
595Deep Artery Valley ??
600Varmint Woods 4600Newland Area
605Belial Forest ??
610Southern Artery Valley ??
615Southern Fouls Hills ??
620Eastern Fouls Plain ??
625Milky Way ??
630Pleasant Meadows ??
635Stret East Bank ??
640Tir 800Tir City
645Tir County ??
646Tir County ?Gateway to Tir
647Greater Tir County ??
650Upper Stret East Bank ??
655Andromeda ??
660Bay of Rome ??
665Broken Shores ??
670Clondyke ??
675Coast of Peace ??
680Coasts of Winds ??
685Galway County ??
687Galway Shire ??
690Jobe ??
695Lush Fields ??
696Mutant Domain ??
700Omni-1 HQ ??
705Omni-1 Entertainment ??
710Omni-1 Trade ??
715Omni Forest ??
716Omni Forest ??
717Greater Omni Forest ??
720Plains of Divaad ??
725Reck Peninsula ??
730Rome Red district ??
735Rome Blue district ??
740Rome Green district ??
745Sea of Jobe ??
750The Reck ??
755The Spur ??
7604 Holes ??
765Gangly Mountains ??
770Great Cathedral Park ??
775Kapar ??
780Nebula Mountains ??
785Road to Kapar ??
790Stret West Bank ??
791Holes In the Wall ??
795The Longest Road ??
800Borealis ??
896Startup ??
950Omni-Tek Training Ground ??
952Clan Training Ground ??
954Neutral Training Ground ??
1000-2200Indoors playfield ??
3134Old Athen Backyard 15 ??
3000-3150City backyard ??
147094Clan Training ??

If you discover new playfields and get the additional information, please inform me. Thanks!