Travel on Rubi-Ka


whompa station in Broken Shores Unless you have access to individual vehicles, the by far conveniest way to travel large distances on Rubi-Ka is using the Transporter Network, also called "Whompas" by the population for the peculiar sound made by the transporter. The Whompa stations can be found in all major cities, and work by decomposing matter into digital information, then sending the information with tall antennas through the air or over satellite uplinks to the receiving station where the information, and transmitted energy is used to reconstruct the body.

Exploring the clan territory, I have found the following links so far:

OLD ATHEN: There are two whompa buildings, one dual station is leading to AVALON and NEWLAND CITY, the other is linking to BROKEN SHORES.

NEWLAND CITY: This station seems to serve as sort of a hub, serving links to three other cities, BOREALIS, TIR, and back to ATHEN.

BROKEN SHORES: The parter station to the one in ATHEN.

BOREALIS: The link back to NEWLAND CITY.

TIR: The link back to NEWLAND CITY.

AVALON: Links back to ATHEN

Omni-Trans operates the following Omni-controlled Whompas:

OMNI ENTERTAINMENT NE (899 659 705): Links to GALWAY CASTLE, 4 Holes and 2HO

OMNI ENTERTAINMENT SE (909 492 705): Links to OMNI TRADE, ROME, and one that is "not in use"


20K (1140 2305 630): Link back to OMNI TRADE

BROKEN SHORES (OMNI) (2341 2260 665): Link back to OMNI TRADE

ROME (350 316 730): Link back to OMNI ENTERTAINMENT SE

2HO (775 1598 46); Link back to OMNI ENTERNAINMENT NE

4 HOLES (1176 1204 760): Link back to OMNI ENTERTAINMENT NE

GALWAY CASTLE (2533 1187 685): Link back to OMNI ENTERTAINMENT NE


Ferry in Harry's The following Omni-operated ferries link Omni territory:

The Grid

The Grid Little do I know about this way of travelling yet. Apparently if you are enough literacy of Computers, you can access one of the Grid access terminals found in places to enter the virtual grid world and "walk" to another grid exit if you are skilled enough. I found one Grid access terminal in West Athen so far.

Addendum: Grid travel has become a lot safer now with the Omni Amnesty for Clan in effect. Here is a list of known Grid Access terminals:

Requirement to acces 2nd tier: 101

Requirement to acces 3nd tier: 201

Grid Table

Location Coords GasEntrance ReqExit Req
Newland 1173 482 PF 56775%< 91< 91
Tir 545 542 PF 640100%< 9181
Meetmedere 1528 2724 PF 565?111< 91
4 Holes ? ??180
2HO 667 1642 PF 63525%<=110<=110
Harry's 3116 3182 PF 69575%121121
Lush Hills 1451 665 PF 69575%121121
Omni HQ ? ??150
Omni Ent 879 579 PF 705100%<=110<=92
Omni Ent 582 334 PF 705100%<=110<=92
Clondyke ? ??150
Galway 1419 1089 PF 685?<=110100
Broken Shores? ??250
West Athen 476 406 PF 54575%131131