Martin's MicroVAX II -- node DEEPMV

(updated 31-May-2003)

This machine comes in a BA123 case (makes a nice side table, see The BA123 enclosure). As all older MicroVAX systems it has a Q-bus system for extension boards. Each of the slots consists of 4 sockets to plug expansion boards in. Remember the PC 8 bit and 16 bit ISA slots? Qbus probably only used one socket in the beginning, but the boards in my VAX all use either 2 sockets (double modules) or all 4 sockets (quad modules). The CPU and memory extension additionally are connected with a special cable

Here is a list of modules which are currently in my "big" VAX:

Mod.Number DEC Name D/Q Slot
M7546 TQK50-AA D 7 TOPTMSCP controller for TK50 tape unit
M7555 RQDX3 D 7 BOTWinchester and floppy disk controller (RX50/RD50-54/RD31/RD32) and an additional connector card
M9047   D 6 TOPGrant continuity (also M9047-SA, -SF)
Emulex QD32 D 6 BOTMSCP 2-drive SMD-E disk controller, diagnostic and setup programmes in ROM, NVRAM config settings. Q-22. Emulex.
M3104 DHV11-A Q 5 QUAD8-line async DMA MUX
M7500 KMV1A-S Q 4 QUADProgrammable comms controller, BA2xxx. -PA, -PF RS232 -PB, -PG RS422 -PC, -PH RS423
M7504 DEQNA-AA D 3 TOPQ-bus (Q-22) to ethernet adapter.
EMC Memory Q 2 QUADMemory (4 MB?) 240-130-...
M7606-AA KA630-AA Q 1 QUADmicroVAX II with 1-Mbyte, floating point, time of year clock, boot/diagnostic ROM (Q22-bus)

Additionally it came with the following components:

I'm currently trying to connect both Fujitsu drives to the Emulex controller. Each of these drives is a full 19'' wide heavy box sitting in a 19'' rack about 1.50 m high. I successfully networked the MicroVAX with my VAXstation over serial line and Ethernet. Unfortunately the DEQNA isn't supported for running in a VAXcluster by VMS 5.x and later.