The Phonetics of Magic Syllables (Ultima V)

These syllables are the basis of the magic spells as used in Ultima V. They are interesting for the understanding of the Gargish language, because the Gargish alphabet is based on phonetic sounds. The importance of the following table was first shown by Minstrel Dragon. It should be noted, that the Gargish runes are substituted by their equivalent modern characters. Note that the Gargish characters ng and zh are written as a single rune.

Syllable Idea Sound Gargish
AN negate ah n an
BET small b eh t bet
CORP death k oar p korp
DES down d eh ss des
EX freedom x eks
FLAM flame fl ah m flam
GRAV energy gr ah v grav
HUR wind h oo r hur
IN create ih n in
KAL invoke k ah l kal
LOR light l oa r lor
MANI life m ah n ee mani
NOX poison n ah ks naks
POR movement p oar por
QUAS illusion kw ah ss kuas
REL change r eh l rel
SANCT protection s aa ng kt sae(ng)kt
TYM time t ih m tim
UUS up oo ss uus
VAS great v ah ss vas
WIS knowledge w ee ss uis
XEN creature z eh n (zh)en
YLEM matter aye l eh m ailem
ZU sleep z oo zu

In the era of Ultima VI ancient syllables and spells were rediscovered, obviously closely linked to the Gargish language. The pronounciation of these syllables is not sure, but if we compare with the Gargish words, the following table is quite assuring:

Syllable Idea Sound Gargish
JUX danger j oo ks juks
ORT magic oa rt ort

Another important role in Gargish language play the mantras an Avatar must know to pray in the ancient shrines of Britannia. The mantras are associated with the virtues the Britannian society used to consider important.

Mantra Virtue Sound Gargish
AHM Honesty ah m am
MU Compassion m oo mu
RA Valor r ah ra
CAH Sacrifice k ah kah
BEH Justice b eh beh
SUMM Honor ss oo m summ
OM Spirituality oh m om
LUM Humility l oo m lum
MUL Pride m oo l mul

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Updated 25-Feb-97 Martin Brenner