The Daemon Books

Here is a copy of all the three books:

  1. The Will of Daemonic Forces, Vol I
  2. The Will of Daemonic Forces, Vol II
  3. Lost Daemon Relics Vol VII

This is from conversations I had with Keuldan Vraal:

[Forests, south of Yew,  Monday, April 13, 1998]

Keuldan Vraal: Excuse me Gargish

Gargish Dragon: Hail

Keuldan Vraal: I have come apon some odd books and i thought you may want to look at them

Gargish Dragon: Oh.. sure. What are they about?

Keuldan Vraal: you do speak Gargish dont you?

Gargish Dragon: Yes, I do

Keuldan Vraal: well I cant read them myself and im not even sure what language they are in

Gargish Dragon: If it is gargish, I can translate them

Keuldan Vraal: next time you are in the abby and I am there please stop by, Ill let you have a look

Gargish Dragon: When will you be there?

Keuldan Vraal: do you frequent that place often?

Gargish Dragon: Normally, no

Keuldan Vraal: ill be there in just a few seconds actually :)

Gargish Dragon: Oh, I'll be there too, then

Keuldan Vraal: Shall i wait for you at the bank?

Gargish Dragon: I have a rune to there. That would be great

Keuldan Vraal: good then, see you there [Kal Ort Por]

Gargish Dragon: [Kal Ort Por]

[Empath Abbey, Bank]

Keuldan Vraal: Look at it closely

You see: a daemonic sword

Gargish Dragon: Hail again

Keuldan Vraal: Hello again Gargish

Keuldan Vraal: bank Keuldan Vraal: take a look at this

You see: The Will of Deamonic Forces, Vol I

Keuldan Vraal: as far as I know its a one of a kind

Brouney: how does it cut?

Keuldan Vraal: not well actually

Keuldan Vraal: I think it is only a show piece

Gargish Dragon: Most interesting

Brouney: have you slain anything with it?

Keuldan Vraal: do you recognize it?

Keuldan Vraal: nay I dont use it in combat

Gargish Dragon: there are some familiar syllables

Keuldan Vraal: I fear its loss

Brouney: aye it does look good

Brouney: fare well

Gargish Dragon: Xorinian?

Keuldan Vraal: I dont think so, although I know little of that language, if any at all . I have two more. any ideas?

Gargish Dragon: It is a strange language

Keuldan Vraal: this one has an interesting picture of a daemon talking to a wisp - and this one has a picture of the very sword that I weild

Gargish Dragon: It is strange

Keuldan Vraal: aye

Gargish Dragon: The second book has pictures of a demon city - Where did you obtain your sword, mylord?

Keuldan Vraal: It was a gift from the House of Elym for finding their mother, and in the process..those books also

Gargish Dragon: Did they tell you something about the origin of the sword?

Keuldan Vraal: Nay - they only said it was an old family heirloom

Gargish Dragon: What is this House of Elym?

Keuldan Vraal: I am sorry Gargish - where where we?

Gargish Dragon: Well.. I asked you what is house of Elym is . I have never heard of it before.

Keuldan Vraal: ah yes  a family here  there are a bit reclusive

Gargish Dragon: It would probebly be advisable to ask them about the origin of the books

Keuldan Vraal: Well...thats a sticky situation tis quite a long story

Gargish Dragon: I love stories

Keuldan Vraal: hmmm well ill try to make it short to spare my aching lips

Gargish Dragon: Actually, the second book suggests there were humans involved

Keuldan Vraal: well let me see. I think I met the Elyms here in yew about 3 moons ago, perhaps more, but they where intrested in the study of orcs and I helped procure some orc meat. Vren Elym did some study on it. After it was over Vren seemed to fail of health and his son explained his fathers recent illness. Vrens wife Theyla was missing for quite sometime and we went off to find her. It took a very long time - a moon or two - and one of the men who lead us there was in trouble over these books and we helped save him and also recoverd them.

Gargish Dragon: Ah.. what was his name?

Keuldan Vraal: *thinks* - Garric

Gargish Dragon: Do you know where he came from?

Keuldan Vraal: well he was a "close" friend of Theyla's. In fact she had not been kidnapped...she ran away - that is a story in itself

Gargish Dragon: Oh.. why did she run away?

Keuldan Vraal: Well ...Vren wasnt a model husband - as it turns out he had been torturing orcs [bank] Look closly at this necklass - at its name.

You see: an orcish necklace

Gargish Dragon: uh.. an orcish necklace?

Keuldan Vraal: aye

Gargish Dragon: Did Theyla wear it?

Keuldan Vraal: it was a gift to her but she did not like the thing. Vren was suspected of doing some odd work in a laboritory but we did not know the location. This necklace lead us to an orc that could speak

Gargish Dragon: You already said he was doing experiments with Orcs?

Keuldan Vraal: aye - so we tracked him using a rune this talking orc had

Gargish Dragon: Who was that talking orc?

Keuldan Vraal: i forget the orcs name,  but he was oneof the ones that Vren had experimented on. Vren had taught him to speak but the orc had escaped. We got the location of the place and went there and read his journals etc and found the third of the deamonic books

Gargish Dragon: Vrens journals?

Keuldan Vraal: Aye - he planned to "domesticate" orcs but he failed

Gargish Dragon: What happened? Were the orcs too violent?

Keuldan Vraal: well he had trouble finding young orcs and the old ones did not do well and when the orc that we talked to escaped it took his runestone so he had no way of returning to his lab

Gargish Dragon: So his lab was not reachable in a normal way?

Keuldan Vraal: It was but he had no boat. I think he more or less dispared of his work

Gargish Dragon: Do you know if this lab does still exist?

Keuldan Vraal: na it was on the verge of crumling when we went - we took all that seemed important

Gargish Dragon: Hmm.. do you think he used the books for his orc studies?

Keuldan Vraal: I have yet to find out how the Elyms are tied in with these daemonics. I am not sure - we have decided to give the books to a monk here to translate

Gargish Dragon: I havent heard of any connections between orc and demons yet

Keuldan Vraal: nor have I. I would certainly love to find this Ethacca character

Gargish Dragon: The third book you gave me speaks about relics

Keuldan Vraal: the sword and the staff you mean?

Gargish Dragon: did you see any of the other artifacts shown in this book?

Keuldan Vraal: well as I read over them earlyer I was thinking that perhaps I did see the black staff. Vren may have used it to beat his orcs. I am not sure if we picked it up or not

Gargish Dragon: Ah yes.. Do you have any idea where to find Ethacca?

Keuldan Vraal: nay. I am not sure if he is even alive. I am hoping the monk Wendal can give us some clues one he looks at the books

Gargish Dragon: I guess we should take the books to him then

Keuldan Vraal: Aye I meet with him perhaps in a weeks time. It is still being arranged

Gargish Dragon: I might find out some things.. but the reading looks definitiely not Gargish

Keuldan Vraal: and you make anything out from the books?

Gargish Dragon: I know people sometimes had confused gargoyles and Daemons because they look similar

Keuldan Vraal: aye

Gargish Dragon: but the language in the books is different from Gargish. So I think these must be actually demons

Keuldan Vraal: ah was worth a try. if you are done with them.........

Gargish Dragon: What confuses me is that the Daemons seems to have spoken to wisps

Keuldan Vraal: yes..I found that very interesting

Gargish Dragon: I find Wisps quite interesting, though I didnt have personal contact yet

Keuldan Vraal: I shall have to show it to Xxy

Gargish Dragon: It will definitely be interesting to the Seekers of the Wisps

Keuldan Vraal: nor have I

Gargish Dragon: That demon city.. it would be definitely interesting to visit

Keuldan Vraal: So it would - dangerous though I would imagine

Gargish Dragon: Hmm.. What is interesting about the first book... These seperate pages might be some sort of spells

Keuldan Vraal: I had the same thought

Gargish Dragon: There are what seem to be words of power

Keuldan Vraal: some sort of prolonged ritauls?

Gargish Dragon: and that Xoriniam Set points to the Wisps as well  *trying to make anything out of the books*

Keuldan Vraal: oh they have given me quite a few headaches. I do hope that the monk can make something of them

Adam The Great: What type of book?

Keuldan Vraal: the very very secret kind with lots of funny words in them

Gargish Dragon: Ah.. it also references Mondain. This sounds VERY EVIL

Keuldan Vraal: refrences to Mondain? In which volume?

Gargish Dragon: In the second volume. Actually its right before the "rituals" or "spells" start

Keuldan Vraal: may I?

Gargish Dragon: Eh sorry... first volume

Keuldan Vraal: ahh yes

Gargish Dragon: Maybe the ritual has something to do with Mondain?

Keuldan Vraal: perhaps

Gargish Dragon: You should take these back. When did you intend to meet with the monk?

Keuldan Vraal: probably next week on sunday but I am still unsure. I apreaciate your help sir

Gargish Dragon: I am sorry that I couldnt translate the books

Keuldan Vraal: tis ok we shall soon have them cracked I hope

Gargish Dragon: but it was very interesting

Keuldan Vraal: aye - well i must be off - thank you for your time

Gargish Dragon: It was my pleasure. I hope we will meet agin

Keuldan Vraal: perhaps I will have further news when we meet again. Good day

Gargish Dragon: I can be normally found in Skara Brae  or in the woods where you found me.

Keuldan Vraal: I shall make a note.