Eye in the Storm - First Conference of the Seekers of the Wisps

Empath Abbey, Winery Convention Center

You see:
Lord Keuldan Vraal: [Commander, TKB], Lord BladeRunner, Eva-Maria, Silver Fox TCB: [Knight, TKB], Narcissa,Kaylira, Saber, Khajja the Fang: [Knight, TKB], Brother Gabriel, Bugs, Lord Zamboni Driver, Lord Greyhawk: [LOA], Aurora Sylvr: [Seekers of the Wisps], Hythlodaeus: [Keeper of the Books, Seekers of the Wisps], Lord Geiser, Aleric The Green, Lord Caramon Majere: [SK], Lord Flint of Vesper, Lady Zeiram, Warwick, Lord Alarich, Fizbott: [The Light Bringer, Seekers of the Wisps], Fizbott, Lord Vargen, Karlyn, Cormacc, Angela, Lord Kyldraek'kin: [Judge, TKB], Lord Stubby: [Leader, Ring of Merchants, LOA], Lumiere, Wanderer, Roop Dirump: [Taliesin, Seekers of the Wisps], Knuckles, Leandra Clarys: [Seekers of the Wisps], Bonzai, Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: [Preceptor, Seekers of the Wisps]

Aurora Sylvr:
Welcome everyone to the Eye in the Storm, the 1st conference on the Wisps. Over the past few years Our Order has dedicated it's entire existance to understanding these mysterious creatures. Most pass them by, without thought.The smart know they are wise and powerful. We have come here  before you today to let the public know more about them. We will have a q&a after our speaches are complete. Everyone if they could refrain from  musical intruptions and spell casting. Thank you.

Our first bit of information that we have been  developing is from altertive future possiblities. Much of how we understand the Wisps comes from this information. There are a creature from a  dimeision called, Xornite. Which is some how above all our shards. The creatures are concerned only what seems to be information.

 information that can lead to destruction. As did with Zog Cabal many many years ago. The creatures themselves may prove to become allies if we can offer them something they need. We could preform some sort of  "transaction". But they are not interested in just anything. It has to either direcly effect them or is of some importance to their ruling council. Britianas greatest seers still do not reconize them as a powerful force. If they were to ally themselves with a dangerous creatures of the land, things would be quite bad for our land. We are now attemting to find objects of information to trade with them. Before another evil occurs. I suggest to everyone here to pass that information on, before it's too late. A greater evil is coming... we know this.

I would also know like to talk about the actual creature the wisp. There are many of them across the land... but it may and all things are pointing to the fact that it is "one" singular creature., It's wisp like apperience is only how we precieve it to look like. Imagine a creature with many arms living above a planet. The arms all reach into a certain area, and gather information for the singular creature. If you happen to kill one; the rest get stronger.

Aurora Sylvr drops note cards

Aurora Sylvr:
oops. I am sorry, please let me gather my thoughts. While my second in command speaks to you about some theories.. Thank you Xxy.


Xxy Sylvr-Dragon:
Hail all. I would like to speak breifly of my book on the topology of the shards I have done extensive research into this. I don't know how many of you have browsed my book so I shall speak on my theories on the Topology of Shards. There are many that claim that the world is either flat or spherical. This is not the case. I feel that my theory shows not only that the world is indeed magical and therefore not a true world per se but is infact in the shape of a doughnut. If one were to travel on a ship along the northern latitudes they would eventually return to the same point where they started. This holds true for all latitudes and longitudes of travel. However.. what we find is that the distance at any latitude or longitude is the same... by this evidence the world cannot be spherical, nor square nor flat. If you take a normal cloth map of the world and match the points where one would leave the map and where you would return to the map should you be travelling you will find that north goes into south and west into east, etc. Should you match these points on a map so that they touch, you would form first a cylinder from north and south points then curve them together to make a doughnut or wheel shape. This then is the shape of our world based on empirical evidence What this means is uncertain other than this is not a natural world. Thank you.


Aurora Sylvr: Thank you Xxy. I would like to open to floor up for Q&A? Please one at a time.

Vargen raises hand

Lord Vargen: This is for Xxy. What evidence do you have that the world exists in only 3 spacial dimensions?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Excellent point

Lord Vargen says: The existence of the Recall spell and the moongates would seem to indicate that it is more complex .

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Indeed if I may?

Vargen nods.

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon:
My studies did take those factors into account though I did not include them in my recent book. I will elaborate on them in afuture tomb...however. My reasoning was based in three dimensional topology however as you say... there is evidence for other dimensions. I will try to explain breifly though it is difficult without using complex maths.

Imagine if you will a two dimensional world which we shall call 'flatland'. Picture it as a piece of paper beings on this world are totally unable to grasp the thrird dimension. Just as it is hard for us to grasp a higher dimension than three However they can reason just as we can that the third dimension must exist even if they cannot see it. Therefore in two dimensional world the third dimension is measured as the thickness of the paper. This is so small as to be unmeasurable to them as higher dimensions are to us however it exists everywhere as the flatland world cannot exist without that infinately small thickness. Therefore... yes, my theories do depend on more dimensions but I am only explaining the topology in three dimensions. I hope that helps to answer your question.

Aurora Sylvr: Lord Alarich you were next...

Lord Alarich: Thank thee well just a word on the wisps as my Friend Geiser and me hunted them...

Cormacc: ah:)

Lord Alarich: a wisp told us to ..."HUnt hideous" thats what it said to us. I even dont know what it means. Thats all thank you.

Aurora Sylvr says: Thank you. Most of the Wisp Speak you see now in our tounge is not really "speaking". It's more or less trying to repeat common words. True wisp speak will much more understood. Next Question?

Lord Geiser: I have a question

Aurora Sylvr: Go ahead

Lord Geiser: Thank thee. You have told us that the wisps are going to have an allience if not with us it might be even with the evil creatures. But, the question is: Why are they here?

Aurora Sylvr: Information gathering. Information is like food to this creature.

Lord Geiser: Why should they make an alliance and are they in some way linked to the Zog Cabal... Lord British, and the Shrines? Thank thee

Roop Dirump: May I speak?

Aurora Sylvr: Good question Roop, please do.

Roop Dirump:
Greetings friends! Here's what be certain: The "Wisps" are a manifestation of a single being, this -self- provides for -others- in its own universe. These -other- beings which share the -wisp's- "home," are in fact either the "upper class" or an order of creature that may perhaps "feed" on -new- knowledge?? Regardless of this, I postulate that the wisps whom we interact in yonder forest, are more as to the drones of the hive! either interspecies (?) roles or as symobiotic compatriarts? Is it a "higher" consciousness Or part of their culture!? I quote a wisp dialog from legend:

"Highest probabilities indicate that a manifestation from the Xorinite dimension will be called 'Wisp' by the entities known as 'humans'. I am also called 'Xorinia' by other manifestations of the Xorinite dimension."

"The Undrian Council seeks information.... Indeed! And who or what (?) makes up the Udrian Council??? Here's more of what Wisp have been legended to say:

"'Xorinia' is a conduit for information between different planes and dimensions. 'Xorinia' also catalogs information which is necessary for growth of the Xorinite community. Unquote.

As in..... feeding perhaps?? Speech oops "'Xorinia' has digested information about 'The Guardian' and can state the following facts: "'The Guardian' possesses qualities which human entities label 'vain', 'greedy', 'egocentric', and 'malevolent'. 'The Guardian' thrives on power and domination. 'The Guardian' takes 'pleasure' from conquering other worlds. His sensory organs are now focused on 'this' dimension known as 'Britannia'." Yet this wisp goes on to break it's rule of neutrality by a vested interest (?) or perhaps guilt (?) and warns the Avatar that the Guardian means to wipe out all of Britannia...

The Wisp shows foresight, either in that it knows Britannia will hold less "information" or it experiences the virtue of compassion (!?)... Thus explaining why "Xorinia" will try to save the "underdog" in forest battl Yet... note the strange suspicion one has, as a human may put it... of the "Wisps" being some travelling salesman!!

"Although 'Xorinia' does not normally seek to influence actions of others, 'Xorinia' warns 'you' that if 'The Guardian' enters 'this' dimension, it will be the end of the dimension known as 'Britannia'. 'The Guardian' is powerful in 'his' own dimension. In 'your' dimension, 'he' will be unstoppable. The Undarian council sincerely hopes this information is useful. Transaction complete." Unquote.

Thank you for your time.

Aurora Sylvr: Thank you Roop!

Lord Geiser: Thank thee for the great answer

Aurora Sylvr: first Khajja then postman

Khajja the Fang: On two occasions I have been helped by wisps. I was healed while fighting a gargoyale And once I was assisted by a wisp while fighting an orc mage. It casted offensive spells. That is all.

Aurora Sylvr says: Wisps have been known to do "unusual" things. We have had many reports of them aiding in unfair battles

Khajja the Fang says: So it is not unusual?

Aurora Sylvr says: It's rare.. but not completely unusual

Khajja the Fang: Should I take this as a sign of some sort?

Aurora Sylvr: Yes. Take it that they are still friends.. they have not been corrupted.

Khajja the Fang: Very well.

Aurora Sylvr: Postman...

Postman of APUC:
Aye My issue is thusly: The Gods of Green have abandoned our Shard we seem to not have been blessed by heroes But instead..... I believe these Gods of Green, and possibly even Gods of Red and Blue.... Are possessing wisps to watch us, as such, any strange behavior that occurs can be chalked up to the strangeness of wisps and not favoritism by the gods. I beleive this is due, to our Shard being the most warlike you see certain powerful individuals of this Shard have relayed to me, unually high sorry I believe this is due

Aye I believe certain powerful people of this shard are reporting unusally high and strange wisp encouters they seem to come, to watch events we do here at the last two APUC Council meetings wisps have appeared and spoken without provocation and seem to follow certain people around certain muderers of this Shard have told me the same thing so,.... I beleive the Gods of Red, Blue, and Green are trying to get a feel for us as peopke people by using wisps. Thank you.

Aurora Sylvr: Thank you. I have something important to speak about.. It has come to my attention That an old hermit has vital information concerning the fate of Sorisa His name is Oran, I beleive. We have yet to locate him. We believe him to be a "seer" character.  Or our information tells us this.

Silver Fox TCB: Aye, I have heard of him. But not seen him

Aurora Sylvr: We need to search for the information he holds. We have searched the Yew areas And he doees not live here... We hope that anyone that does locate him let us know about his wareabouts

Silver Fox TCB: Where can we contact you?

Aurora Sylvr: You can contact us either in the Yew area or via our Web based information base. www.iamlost.com/wisps

Lord Geiser: Doest thou have any idea where he might be?

Aurora Sylvr: Yes.. I do beleive there is some more information I can share about him. The hermit Oran is probably located near a shrine our sources say. We scout them often and haven't seen anything yet.

Cormacc: bah

Aurora Sylvr: His information is vital

Keeshi LOA: I am but a sailor and yer words puzzle me some though I have news ye may wish to know of In me travels I have come upon an intersting sight. In the middle of the sea there is a strange marker of sorts a group of wooden poles in a formation I know not their importance, but they say it leads somewhere to a place of knowledge. I thought ye should know.

Cormacc: You waste your time, Onan has nothing for you.

Aurora Sylvr: Excuse me Cormacc?

Cormacc: Onan knows nothing !

Aurora Sylvr: Oran holds the key.. His information is vital.

Cormacc: Be careful Seeker, you are getting in over your head.

Aurora Sylvr: Our sources have confirmed this.

Rivalin Zubrin: how do you know of him?!

Cormacc: i know of much. You seek death if you continue this course.

Aurora Sylvr: This knowledge will be obtained

Cormacc: Onan's book is not for you! Beware, you intrude into affairs of POWER beyond your feeble comprehension.

Aurora Sylvr: You cannot threaten us.Tell me what you know of him? Your information may help us?

Vargen: Aurora, where have you looked for this Oran?

Cormacc : hah

Aurora Sylvr: We have searched most of the towns

Cormacc : thought you could freeze did you  - peasants

Aurora Sylvr: Tell us what you know corrmac

Cormacc : You ignorant misguided fools will soon grovel before the Magesty of the VOID.

Rivalin Zubrin: VOID?

Aurora Sylvr: ?

Cormacc : We of the VOID have left you alone til now.

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Can't we ever hold a meeting that doesn't end in chaos

You see:
Levy the leper , Leandra Clarys: [Seekers of the Wisps], Rivalin Zubrin: [Security Chief, Seekers of the Wisps], Rolic O'Halligan, Roop Dirump: [Taliesin, Seekers of the Wisps], Bonzai, Arkenor, Saber, Calsted: [Captain, TKB], Postman of APUC, Lord Keuldan Vraal, Narcissa , Khajja the Fang: [Knight, TKB], Brother Gabriel, Aurora Sylvr: [Seekers of the Wisps], Hythlodaeus: [Keeper of the Books, Seekers of the Wisps], Twilight, Lord Geiser, Lord Vargen, Karlyn, Lumiere, Wanderer, Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: [Preceptor, Seekers of the Wisps]

(Cormacc leaves, some chaos starts until...)

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Keuldan Vraal found this book He says Cormacc dropped it on his way out. We must recover this book that they speak of

Hythlodaeus: I will scribe a few copies of this.

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: yes scribe it

Khajja the Fang: he is a poor agent.

Rolic O'Halligan: Counsellor in other room!

Aurora Sylvr: We have learned of a greater evil..

Postman of APUC: God of Blue, I question ye motives

Aurora Sylvr: Does a seer quest still goes planed for the Wisps?

Panacea: Question you may, therefore, I shall take my leave of thee. Fare thee well

Rivalin Zubrin: i know! he has helped us before

Aurora Sylvr: We spoke to him before and asked about the wisps..

(at this time conversation split into two threads, I'm continuing with the one about Counselor  Panacea [ed.])
Lumiere: It seems like he was trying more to help you guys until he was threatened

 Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: That he came to speak with us Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: as he has in the past and you scared him away

Postman of APUC: I really didn't know he was so touchy... What is his name?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Panacea... It's ok Postman but... please in the future... if anything comes to speak to us at a Wisp function...realie that he is there to speak with us.. for some reason and please try not to scare them away.

Postman of APUC: oh, of course

(I'm continuing with the second thread)

Aleric The Green: so m'lady Aurora.. my question.. do ye consider it wrong to imprison wisps?

Rivalin Zubrin: Aye
Aleric The Green: Hmm, interesting, have ye ever seen a trapped wisp before?

Rivalin Zubrin: Nay

Aleric The Green: ah tis quite difficult to aqquire one of course. I know a nice couple on the Shard of Catskills who have one in their house, rather ill tempered on the Catskills shard.. near the wilds of Skara Brae there lives a couple with a house. They keep a wisp trapped,I currently forget their names as I haven't seen them in a while

Fizbott: where is the house - if you would be so kind
Aleric The Green: hmm.. well as I said it's in the wilds of Skara Brae.. near the Brigand Camp. Ah, it would occaisonally say things like: Doomed Thee, and other things.. it said quite a lot in our language

Fizbott: so it spoke - did it act in any way towards you ?

Aleric The Green: no..

Fizbott: and - if I may ask - how large was the dwelling it was held within?

Aleric The Green: oh, twas in a large blacksmith shop. The couple that own it are extremely friendly and let people in but I don't think they really respect the wisps
Fizbott: how do they keep the wisp, keep it from moving out of doors I mean

Aleric The Green: they pile up a lot of furnature around it so it can't move, must've been difficult to trap the thing..

Aleric The Green: aye.. I've heard of another hermit, Rhysart.. but no Onan.. hmmms...

Fizbott: Rhysart you say, and is he dwelling on this shard or another?
Aleric The Green: another, the Great Lakes shard.. he has a nice cave near the dungeon Wrong

Fizbott: I thank you for your information

Aleric The Green: I'm wondering.. if this Cormacc fellow could find Onan and make it to this meeting perhaps Onan is somewhere nearby Yew? Perhaps the shrine of Justice? I've made the journey before, lovely shrine..

(Copies of the strange book were made and given to several people - I'm sure the text of the book will be available somewhere soon)

[This concludes the transcript of the First Wisp Conference - Gargish Dragon, Editor]