Ultima IV: Gaining Virtue

A List of Activities which Change Your Virtue Values

Attacking non-evil creatures Compassion -5, Justice -3, Honor -3
Letting non-evil creature flee Compassion +1, Justice +1
Fleeing from enemy Valor -2
Fleeing from non-evil enemy Compassion +2, Justice +2
Killing evil enemy Value +0/1 (random)
Fleeing from enemy Valor -2, Sacrifice -2
Beeing killed Sacrifice +1
Stealing a chest Honesty -1, Justice -1, Honor -1
Giving to beggar Honor +3, Compassion +2
Talking proud Humility -5
Talking not proud Humility +10
Cheating herbs woman Honesty -10, Justice -10, Honor -10
Being honest to herbs woman Honesty +2, Justice +2, Honor +2
Not giving blood at the healer Sacrifice -5
Giving blood at the healer Sacrifice +5
Using wrong mantra ata a shrine Spirituality -3
Meditating at shrine Spirituality +3*cycles
Using the skull of Mondain All virtues -5
Throwing the skull of Mondain into the Abyss All virtues +10
Talking to Hawkwind the Seer Spirituality +3
Solving quests (finding items) Honor +5

Non-evil creatures are: Seahorse, Rat, Bat, Spider, Insect, Snake

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