Meeting of the Yew town council

Serpent Cross Tavern, Atlantic, 19-Jun-98 11pm

Transcript by Gargish Dragon, Preliminary Secretary of the Town Council


Octal Dragon SK, Frederick, Azreal Darkmoon [Sage, OES], Karnak [STC], Saint Max of STC [Lord Preceptor, STC], Ya'roc [Adjutant-General, STC], RAMA of STC [Master of Avengers, STC], Semley the Sexy, Helgi Einarsen, Xxy Sylvr-Dragon [Preceptor, SoW], Quizats Hatarach [OC recipient, STC], Serina DuPreyani [Queen of the Circle, Guildmistress, CoH], Night of Blood [STC], Strider [Master of Diplomats, STC], Blackleaf [STC], Merkato, Lilliana Rune [Tavernkeeper, SCT], Pandora [2nd Degree Necromancer (Apprentice), The Undertaker, OES], Mesostopheles [2nd Degree Necromancer (Apprentice), OES], Xoth-Tu'rilthiir [High Necromancer, OES], Nick, Ibn Shaun [Physician], Asynjur, Keuldan Vraal [Battalion Commander, TKB], Darus Grey [High Cleric, SCT], Dows [Sentinel Magistrate, SoM], Sudira

Helgi Einarsen: Tis great to see thee all here. Few Citizens of Yew all of ye. Tis great to see all of ye here this day. We are all here because we have an interest in our fair city. The purpose of this meeting is to decide how the town council should be structured. I am willing to hear opinions from those who have already organised guilds so as to learn what works. I propose, however that there be a mayor and several elected men and women to serve In addition. We shall need a (website)  message board so we can communicate with the townspeople. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?

Yew Council meeting image 1Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: The structure is important question is though what will the purpose of the council be?

Helgi Einarsen: The purpose of the council is twofold. The first is to promote Justice, our fair city's Virtue. The second, is to think of and run events that would be exciting for the town

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: thanks

Night of Blood: Is a Yew Military in the Question, my Lord?

Helgi Einarsen: Yes, we should find a militia captain. And perhaps a chief justice. There is no longer a judge in Yew Courthouse

Night of Blood: Ah, a Court System, also, then?

Helgi Einarsen: (well, just in practice I don't think OSI would give us a jailing ability)

Azreal Darkmoon: Would that chief Justice be in charge of prosecution and such? Would he be jury, judge and executioner if so?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: civil court then

Helgi Einarsen: Aye, a civil court is a good example

Helgi Einarsen: Mostly, a philosopher to provide answers to the questions of Justice

Saint Max of STC: for adjudicating disputes?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: or resolving complaints

Helgi Einarsen: The person would have to be honorable, aye, and above question (and give somebody with Forensic Science something to do!)

Saint Max of STC: That would be useful especially between honorable guilds

Azreal Darkmoon: Who would determine the Judge? The masses or Senators?

Night of Blood: How will we go about Seating these Officials, my Lord?

Helgi Einarsen: I think the good guilds can compete with each other

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I think that a chief justice should be elected by the people

Helgi Einarsen: For example, a test of courage for the Milita Captain

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Elections shouldbe held as is just

Helgi Einarsen: Aye, Elections must be held

Azreal Darkmoon: Would there be "sanctioned" fights?

Helgi Einarsen: Hmmm. That's not an area I know much about. But I am sure someone can work out a system that can work

Azreal Darkmoon: Ok in what order will these thigns be intiated?

Helgi Einarsen: Well first, we need an executive or mayor

Saint Max of STC: I am sure there will be many questions. Will the govt be like that of Enshu?

Helgi Einarsen: Hmm, I have looked at Enshu's page, but I know him not from action

Lilliana Rune: The person should follow the 8 virtues with all of their heart...

Azreal Darkmoon: Aye all 8 virtues

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I nominate Helgi for Temporary Mayor pending an Election

Semley the Sexy: I second

Helgi Einarsen: I thank thee

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: all in favor?

Night of Blood: Aye
Lilliana Rune: Aye!
Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Aye
Azreal Darkmoon: Aye!
Semley the Sexy: Aye
Saint Max of STC: Aye
Keuldan Vraal: Aye!
Gargish Dragon: Aye!
Blackleaf: Aye
Karnak: Aye
Ya'roc: aye
Quizats Hatarach: aye
RAMA of STC: Aye
Strider: Aye
Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: All opposed

Helgi Einarsen: *makes a nixon-esque victory salute*

Lilliana Rune: The majority has voted for him

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: motion carries

Azreal Darkmoon: We will need an official vote counter also or two

Helgi Einarsen: Yes, a secretary. Who will stand for election?

Night of Blood: I nominate Xxy

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Secretary? What does that position entail?

Helgi Einarsen: These positions are temporary, pending a first general election

Azreal Darkmoon: I second the motion, if Xxy agrees of course

Helgi Einarsen: A secretary would keep notes, and a general minute of the meeting

(Secretary's Note: There were several tries to interrupt the proceedings by some persons in red robes. I didn't leave out their comments as they might prove crucial to understanding possible further actions on their behalf regarding the town concil. The followin is what they had to say)

Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: the darkness wraps so calmly around me....

Mesostopheles: tis a comfort around these mortals

Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: we shall let them discuss their petty virtues before we "enlighten" them...

Mesostopheles: aye...on the folly of their ways

Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: I think the Undertaker grwos weary of the presence of these fools....

Mesostopheles: aye...their presence must drain her nearly as bad as it does me

Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: she is ignoring their talk....

Mesostopheles: a wise descision on her part ...a meeting full of useless rubbish...

(this ends the first series of interruptions)

Keuldan Vraal: I can take some shots

Azreal Darkmoon: Also would a library be included in this, Towne Council?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: May I speak on this library issue?

Helgi Einarsen: Hmmm, specific ideas you have will be thought upon once we have an official meeting

Lilliana Rune: A library would be great

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: The Seekers have an extensive library

Lilliana Rune: and rune library even better....

Helgi Einarsen: I think a library is a fine idea.

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: We arewilling to open the building to the public

Saint Max of STC: Will we have councilmen and women?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: However we'll need help to lock things down

Helgi Einarsen: Aye Azreal Darkmoon: I agree. Women shall be allowed

Azreal Darkmoon: I have many books that I could donate to such a cause

Lilliana Rune: I have many runes that I could donate...they could be locked down for those to use

Azreal Darkmoon: Plus any that the Sunset Knights would like to donate

Gargish Dragon: There is already a rune library near Trinsic

Helgi Einarsen: The library is a fine idea, gentlemen and ladies, but  let us confine ourselves to speaking of the structure of government

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: We need an extensive survey and census of Yew as well. Perhaps a map where buildings are located

Semley the Sexy: So, Helgi is mayor, and Xxy is secretary, temporarily anyway?

Yew council meeting image 2Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I'd prefer not to be secreatary right now( i'm not recording my log rightnow)

Helgi Einarsen: Aye

Gargish Dragon: I am keeping a log of this

Helgi Einarsen: Who is keeping a log?

Keuldan Vraal: I am

Azreal Darkmoon: I have one I beleive

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I think it wiser that a temporary secretary be keeping a log

Ya'roc: I have an attendance sheet

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I nominate Gargish Dragon  for temp secretary

Semley the Sexy: second

Helgi Einarsen: Would either one of thee three stand foward for secretary?

Azreal Darkmoon: Aye Gargish

Lilliana Rune: I nominate Gargish Dragon

Keuldan Vraal: I second for gargish

Gargish Dragon: Thank thee

Helgi Einarsen: Shall we have a count for those supporting Gargish?

Semley the Sexy: aye
Azreal Darkmoon: Aye
Karnak: Aye
Keuldan Vraal: aye
Lilliana Rune: Aye
Octal Dragon SK: hear hear
Merkato: aye

Gargish Dragon: I accept

Helgi Einarsen: There are no dissents So gargish is made secretary. Now, Let's have some ideas about what sort of Officals we need

Azreal Darkmoon: What about a rudimentary Senator Party?

Night of Blood: A Yew Navy?

Azreal Darkmoon: Chief Justice

Helgi Einarsen: Okay, first person to speak *points*. Then we'll get to Night of Blood. Sir?

(Secretary's Note: It was unclear who was meant to speak at this time, but the discussion was interrupted again)

Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: Aye.... we must speak our words now and let them hear us before we depart. Followers of Empty Virtues..... Hear us.... for we are born of Oblivion and Entropy, we have come to scoff at thy petty misguided that they are. We come on behalf of the Order of the Ebon Skull to relate to thee the "true" path to power and self-preservation , everlasting life and sweet pleasures await all who embrace Oblivion and enter into unholy pacts with the Ebon Skull.

Helgi Einarsen: *sighs at typical evil creedo*

Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: there is nothing typical about the undead ye fools.... and ye certainly with know of that soon....

Azreal Darkmoon: *Glares at fellow OES*

Helgi Einarsen: There was a person to the North of the stone who had a comment? And was not wearing a red cape!

Azreal Darkmoon: I was stating just some of the positions we already needed. But should we elect a Justicem temporarily now?

Helgi Einarsen: Who seconds the motion of a Chief Justice?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: What motion is this?

Helgi Einarsen: The motion to create a chief Justice

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: second

Mesostopheles: You call this a meeting on Justice.. when you do not let us have a say?
Pandora: mortals think if they ignore they will be safe

Lilliana Rune: Let them have a say

Night of Blood: Can you Embrace Silence in the stead of Oblivion for a While, OES?

 Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Yes let them speak

Lilliana Rune: Allright

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Tis only just to hear their side

Helgi Einarsen: Yes, let's hear their spew

Saint Max of STC: I do not have time for spew my friends

Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: Tis ironic to say the least.... the Virues are full of Hipocrasy only Oblivion and Entropy are pure...

Mesostopheles: Why is it that thou thinkest that Virtue is the be all end all?

Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: we just came to warn thee.... that Oblivion and Entropy shall consume all.... and ye Virtues and your lives are futile...  if ye shall follow the false Lords British and Blackthorne

Helgi Einarsen: Okay, Oblivion and Entroy, got that. That's very important

Gargish Dragon: I disagree. Though I have my problems with the Eight Virtues they seem better than what those men propose

Lilliana Rune: There is is only Balance in the world

Night of Blood: I know I'm scared

Lilliana Rune: They are not evil....

Mesostopheles: There is no escape from the power of Oblivion...all things die...and then ... you shall belong to it it in the future

Azreal Darkmoon: Aye Balance

Quizats Hatarach: since entropy will consume us, I hope you know what it is :)

Helgi Einarsen: Let a man stand forth for chief justice  We have two candidates

Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: mock us if ye will... for that is no matter to us... for we will mock thee when  ye are enslaved in Hades. Oblivion and Entropy are All...they are the essence of the Universe what could be more desirable than that.

Helgi Einarsen: Xxy and Azreal

Lilliana Rune: They only act differently than we do in a situation..or iwth their behavior. What we call evil is only different. What we call good is common to us all

Pandora: I think I shall have to go around unclothed

Helgi Einarsen: Gargish, can we think of a way to have a secret ballot

Azreal Darkmoon: Why not let us leave the area?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: yes we will stand apart

Helgi Einarsen: Yes, good idea

Azreal Darkmoon: And then you can have someone fetch us when ye are done

Helgi Einarsen: Very good idea - hold one moment though

Mesostopheles: Let us depart from these closed minded fools... Their talk of Virtue sickens me

Helgi Einarsen: Does anyone have questions for either of the candidates.Anybody? Very well.

Saint Max of STC: As the appointments are temprory, I think we can go on. :)

Helgi Einarsen: Very well Strider: Now that the contrary elements have departed perhaps something might be accomplished

Azreal Darkmoon: We shall goto a grove not far to the NE If that suits

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: aye they are but temporary

Helgi Einarsen: Azreal and Xxy, please step away for a moment

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: fine by me

Helgi Einarsen: Those voting for Azreal, bow and say Aye

(Secretary's Note: since this was supposed to be somewhat secret, only the result is shown, there were 4 ayes for Azreal and 7 ayes in favor of Xxy.)

Helgi Einarsen: Very well, it appears Xxy has the position. Will someone fetch the two? Thank thee.

Keuldan Vraal: it smells of rotted flesh again

Gargish Dragon: *writes down the result*

Pandora: heh, they no not what it smells like

Helgi Einarsen: Gentlemen, xxy has been nominated

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: *screams like a schoolgirl*

Helgi Einarsen: Thank thee both for thine participation *plays hail to the chief*

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Thanks everyone    can I stand up here now?

Helgi Einarsen: Yes, place stand to mine left. Any other offices we can think of?

(Secretary's Note: Another prolonged and quite loud conversation started between the members of the so called Oder of the Ebon Skull. I have put everything that was said together in one place at the end of these notes. The transcript follows the discussion led by the mayor.)

Azreal Darkmoon: General

Helgi Einarsen: Yes, a Yew Militia Captain.

Semley the Sexy: General?

Azreal Darkmoon: Military Leader if you will

Helgi Einarsen: or Commander-in-chief. Who stands for having a militia leader?

Semley the Sexy: Agalak would love to be, however he is absent this evening.

Keuldan Vraal: an excellent idea

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I believe we should have one

Karnak: What will this persons duties be?

Helgi Einarsen: Okay, that is two

Keuldan Vraal: perhaps one to coordinate the various guilds forces

Helgi Einarsen: Does any stand for election to military leader?

Karnak: Sounds good but... to what point?

Ya'roc: We should take some time in considering this position

Helgi Einarsen: Yes, indeed. In case of massive orc attacks, or other problems

Gargish Dragon: I would appoint Lord Vraal Keuldan

Vraal: oh my

Saint Max of STC: I think more time would be in Order, but would stand for Vraal

Helgi Einarsen: The military leader tonight elected, will be planning only what functions he should do and sety the tone for future leaders. Vraal, doth thou accept?

Keuldan Vraal: i would gladly fill the position for the time

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I think Vraal would be a good temporary apointment

Helgi Einarsen: Any others? Semley?

Semley the Sexy: I support him
Strider: I will also support Vraal
Blackleaf: aye
Semley the Sexy: aye
Quizats Hatarach: Aye...hooray Vrall!
Strider: Aye

Keuldan Vraal: thank you friends *head begins to swell*

Mesostopheles: I fed off their anguish

Helgi Einarsen: Good. Stand forth Vraal *claps*

Gargish Dragon: *writes down the name*

Helgi Einarsen: Any other necessary officers?

Xar: Excuse me. Could some one fill us in?

Keuldan Vraal: a recap on what we have so far please..... what positions have been filled?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I can't think of any needed immediately

Helgi Einarsen: Yes, Gargish, wilst thou read from thy journal?

Yew council meeting image 3Gargish Dragon: All right..  I will repeat the offices which have been decided on. Helgi Einarsen has been appointed temporary Mayor, myself has been appointed temporary Secretary, Xxy Sylvar -Dragon has been voted as Chief Justice  and Lord Vraal is the Military leader  (Militia Captain)

Helgi Einarsen: Outstanding!

Keuldan Vraal: perhaps we need a spiritual leader?  one to promote the virtues?

Helgi Einarsen: That would be found in the chief justice, I believe

Gargish Dragon: As I understood that would be the Chief Justice

Keuldan Vraal: Ahh yes

 Helgi Einarsen: Ladies and gentlemen, I propose this: That I the four of us standing here should meet  and come up with suggestions  about our roles. We will pick the most important and supportedi deas  and bring them to the table to be vote upon at the next meeting

Semley the Sexy: Sound like a fine idea

Ya'roc: Sounds good

Keuldan Vraal: aye that sounds excellent

Helgi Einarsen: At all meetings, however the people would be allowed to speak and suggest

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: May I say a few words briefly?

Strider: Your honor, I suggest we pick this up at a later date, the lag is intolerable

Azreal Darkmoon: Are you going to have a Cabinet?

Helgi Einarsen: Chief Justice, thout were saying?

Xar: May I make a position suggestion? Maybe a peoples person, one who represents them and their ideas.

Semley the Sexy: Before we dispurse we should decide on the next meeting time

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Please councilmembers add me for now so we can discuss and get in touch easier

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Also Azreal Darkmoon please contact me also i wish your assistance on a matter

Azreal Darkmoon: I would be honored

Helgi Einarsen: Next week's meeting  11EST, Friday, Serpent Cross

Semley the Sexy: Til then, Fare well and May luck be with you all

(Secretary's Note: This concludes the official transcript of the  Yew council meeting. What follows is a transcript of the conversation which took place between members of the Order of the Ebon Skull. I suggest we keep a close watch at them as I fear the forst for Yew's future if those elements could spread their evil beliefs)

Pandora: have they finished they secrect nonsence?
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: that Paladin was so tasty was he not?
Mesostopheles: Alas...I missed the feast
Pandora: ah, I met him at thy dwelling before but I missed the feast
Keuldan Vraal: how sad it is you miss what that man died for.......
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: ahh.....he suffered greatly
Pandora: he is a wraith now, correct?
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: Vellkellam is assisiting me in enslaving his soul as a foul wraith
Pandora: corupted to the soul
Mesostopheles: But I did make a healthy sandwich with the meat that Xoth brought back... was most exelent
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: not quite... he had much Virtusome tendencies that needed to be purged  he did sin in life only but a bit...
Pandora: may I taste his blood?
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: but twas enough to condemn him to Oblivion  Azreal....
Mesostopheles: Glare at us not Azreal
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: you associate with these mortals too much
Pandora: you spoke not of oblivion
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: lest ye let them influence ye
Azreal Darkmoon: These "Mortals" are our future...
Pandora: thy stand with those mortals
Azreal Darkmoon: Without these all of ye would wither and die
Mesostopheles: WE are their future
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: ahahah
Azreal Darkmoon: Without sustance to feed upon
Pandora: our future meals perhaps
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: the undead are immortal  are have ye forgotten?
Pandora: aye, but thy stand with them instead of hunting them
Azreal Darkmoon: Have you ever scene a wraith that cannot find a host and must wonder the abyss
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: Oblivion and Entropy sustain us  and nothing else
Azreal Darkmoon: Without being able to communicate?
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: nay...only Wraiths must  and they are so feeble anyways
Mesostopheles: I was born in the Abyss
Azreal....tell me not of what occurrs there
Pandora: we need to cull the herd
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: but in death I shall only grow more powerful
Azreal Darkmoon: And what would you use for your power if you could not draw upon the lifeforce?
Mesostopheles: for I have witnessed it first hand...and I relished in the torment of souls
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: the lifeforce IS Oblivion
Pandora: we take
Azreal Darkmoon: *Glares even more*
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: he understands the true nature of Oblivion not
Pandora: why do thy stand with them Sage?!
Azreal Darkmoon: Because I understand them
Pandora: we hunt them
Azreal Darkmoon: I am Balance
Pandora: we are not of them
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: Balance?
Azreal Darkmoon: I was of the Virtues
Mesostopheles: Azreal....why do thee turn thy face from your Brothers?
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: All is Oblivion and Oblivion is ALl
Azreal Darkmoon: I have been of the dakness
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: All Oblivion IS balance
Azreal Darkmoon: And now I seek Oblivion
Pandora: Entropy balances
Mesostopheles: Why do thee turn from us!
Azreal Darkmoon: Because you are overly arrogant
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: I hear Sage blood is tasty
Azreal Darkmoon: You think you are superior
Pandora: no justice
Azreal Darkmoon: And in that you make your mistake
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: we do not think we KNOW WE do not think that we are superior....WE know that we are
Azreal Darkmoon: *Scoffs*
Pandora: there are masters and prey
Mesostopheles: for in the end there is only Oblivion
Pandora: what art thou?
Azreal Darkmoon: You are blind
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: we cannot die, we cannot be killed, we cannot be ever entriely defeated as Oblivion always marches forward
Mesostopheles: and WE have chosen to embrace it before the End
Azreal Darkmoon: Oblivion may always march forward. But there is a Balance
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: is it the essence of the Universe and consumes the Balance - it IS the Balance
Pandora: balance?
Azreal Darkmoon: Life balances Death
Pandora: there is Entropy
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: do ye not see that?
Pandora: it does not answer to thy whims - it takes - it kills
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: Oblivion consumes all life  eventually
Pandora: it does not do 'justice'
Azreal Darkmoon: And in it life is created...
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: not matter what actions are taken
Pandora: it is not 'honest'
Mesostopheles: you sit here with these mortals...and you converse..
Pandora: it is what it is
Azreal Darkmoon: Are ye not life of a different sort?
Pandora: and it has more power than all
Mesostopheles: all they do is talk...and when it comes to acting apon something...they talk of it more
Azreal Darkmoon: Are ye not life of a sort?!
Pandora: unlife
Azreal Darkmoon: You are life in death
Pandora: tis not life
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: aye we are....but life comes from Oblivion and will one day be consumed by it as well
Azreal Darkmoon: You are an oxymoron
Mesostopheles: Nay....I do not even have a soul...
Pandora: aye a paradox
Azreal Darkmoon: And in your death another will take your place..your life
Pandora: thy understands
Azreal Darkmoon: And so in Death life is created
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: Oblivion is everything...
Mesostopheles: Those born of Entropy do not have to bear the wait of something as weighty and
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: everything springs from it...and everything returns to it
Pandora: undeath
Mesostopheles: useless as a soul
Pandora: what does that to do with them
Azreal Darkmoon: Do you not see, oblivion and Life are the same
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: when ye understand that... ye shall be most blessed
Mesostopheles: Nay...Oblivion is annihilation
Azreal Darkmoon: Out of Oblivion comes life
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: aye
Azreal Darkmoon: Once you were oblivion nothing
Pandora: nay
Mesostopheles: Life...what good is life?
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: it does
Pandora: Entopy mayhaps
Azreal Darkmoon: Then you became life
Pandora: entropy
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: yes Entropy... but that flows from Oblivion
Pandora: what does all this have to do with these mortals
Mesostopheles: There is no life in these veins
Azreal Darkmoon: Excuse me I have a meeting to attend to. I shall talk to ye later
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: ah well my children....
Mesostopheles: In fact..In the Abyss the corporeal die! what is the use of life...other than take the essence..and make more death. I spurn the ways of teh Virtuous. False Virtues for the False pretense of Life...Life is but an illusion. Oblivion is fact
Xoth-Tu'rilthiir: let us go.... their minds are to small to comprehend

(Secretary's Note: I'm sure we will see more of them in the future)

--Gargish Dragon, Serpent Cross Tavern, Atlantic, 19-Jun-98 11 pm

 Second Town Council Meeting