Second Meeting of the Yew Town Council

Yew, Atlantic, 26-Jun-98 11pm


Aurora Sylvr [Founder, SoW], Bonzai [The Traveler, SoW], Tiernan Caedmon [SoW],  Eleon, Oakleaf, Gabriel [Guard of Honor, First Lance, SoM], Lilliana Rune [Tavernkeeper, SCT],  Keuldan Vraal, Xar [Squire, TKB], Xar Xxy Sylvr-Dragon [Preceptor, SoW], Azreal Darkmoon [Sage, OES], Kelsam [Platinum Dragon-PE *, none], Plutos the Elf [Aelyrian Elf Lord, EoA], Maegara [Keeper of the Shard-MS III, none], Brewman de LOA [none], RoseOfJade Kromeus LOA [Guardian-PE II, none], Roop Dirump [Taliesin, SoW], Helgi Einarsen, Xuri Dabur, Galahad [Knight Commander, TKB], Xan [Initiate, SoM],  Stubby, Bendyl [Bailiff , STC], Pandora [2nd Degree Necromancer (Apprentice), The Undertaker, OES], Mortis [Wraithlord, OES], Mortis, Vyktr the Eroded, Dows [Sentinel Magistrate, SoM]

Helgi Einarsen: Great, let's begin.


Helgi Einarsen: We have some issues to vote upon tonight! Today, we shall pick some Senators for the Senate!  Senators shall be guildmembers or individuals of very high standing. Senators will be responsible  for approving treaties and appointees like the District Attorney

Image 1Xuri Dabur: How high is very high standing?

Helgi Einarsen: Hmmm. What say the other officers?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Level four of fame?

Keuldan Vraal: perhaps we should stick those in guilds untill we can have a definition

Gargish Dragon: We should apply common sense here

Azreal Darkmoon: If you are going to go by titles then that shall not do anything

Keuldan Vraal: i agree...titles are of little value

Xuri Dabur: If I may suggest.. That some of the lower standing people also be voted in so as not to  only

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Aye I don't think titles will work

Helgi Einarsen: Yes, perhaps that's right. Hmm, guild members for the Senate, anyone is welcome in the assembly.

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: hold the questions for a moment.  I think we should explain the outline for our plan first

Keuldan Vraal: I agree on that one

Helgi Einarsen: Hold, friends. Let us outline the plan first. We'll answer questions before the vote

Xuri Dabur: At least we do something, Mortis...

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: ok let us outline our plan

Helgi Einarsen: The Legislature shall be formed of two bodies. The assembly, or general populace,  is determined by anyone who attends the meetings.  And is a citizen of Yew.  The Senate, or Bundesrat or House of Lords or whatever. (First act of them will be to decide a name!)  The Senate shall be composed of guild members. The difference between the two is that the Assembly passes laws, and the Senate approves treaties and appointed officials, like Judges, District Attorneys, and commissioned officers. Are there any questions?

Azreal Darkmoon: Define Citizen of Yew?

Helgi Einarsen: Citizens will be registered as soon as possible

Azreal Darkmoon: And how will the be registered?

Helgi Einarsen: probbly by going to a web page.

Xan: What if you are a citizen of yew but often visit other towns?

Helgi Einarsen: That's fine.  If you consider yourself a Yew citizen is all.

Keuldan Vraal: we will work out the particulars and methods of citizen ship later most likely

Bendyl: Yes, will there be one Senate Member per guild?

Helgi Einarsen: I think that is reasonable.

Gargish Dragon: Aye

Keuldan Vraal: yes

Aurora Sylvr: Yes, you wish to take a general cenus of the citizens?

Helgi Einarsen: Yes.

Aurora Sylvr: You wish to catalog us?

Helgi Einarsen: Nominees must be present. Aurora, yes.

Aurora Sylvr: Interesting approach.

Gargish Dragon: We want to gather information on the residents of Yew and a way for them to present their guilds and businesses.

Aurora Sylvr: But remeber Yew is the backwoods.. People come here to be forgotten about.

Bendyl: Are the senete members final? or will there be new Members?

Helgi Einarsen: Membership will rotate

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I think Membership will be decided by their organizations

Helgi Einarsen: The guilds are responsible for sending their Senators

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Consider the Senate positions more like 'guild ambassadors'  Where each group has representation. Who represents each group will shift and new groups may be added, or others leave. Depending on how things go. But every group which wants representation will have it, including the Ebon Skull

Helgi Einarsen: Very well, good citizens.

Xuri Dabur: Well. Since this is the Town of Justice and all i would like to suggest some guidelines which the citizens may follow guidelines of the justice virtue, of course

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I think that is something that will be spoken of in the general assembly. We aren't here now to set rules and laws. We are here to set things up so those rules can be suggested

Xuri Dabur: well guidelines are not laws

Keuldan Vraal: I shall make sure that your book has its place Xuri

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: True

Helgi Einarsen: Let us confine ourselves to Legislature.

Xuri Dabur: ok

Azreal Darkmoon: May I bring up a point in a few moments that revoles around the OES?

Xar: Can we have the people register? Maybe announce it with the town cryers? And have someone take down the names

Helgi Einarsen: Registration will probably be (on the net)  Tis easier (and less stressful)

Keuldan Vraal: that is what we hope to achieve

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: though I think if we can get town cryers to announce it that would be good. We should look into that

Gargish Dragon: We might consider registering at the bank or at the tavern

Bendyl: You should put it in classifieds in the town cryer paper and send it to stratics

Helgi Einarsen: Hmmm, good idea.

Xuri Dabur: and COB

Bendyl: and thoe other newspapers

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Aye we wil do that

Xar: But not everyone read it. So the cryers would be best so everyone can know

Helgi Einarsen: Hey, new officer?

Azreal Darkmoon: Now the OES has requested that they have the Crypts under there errr ownersh

Vyktr the Eroded: As a resident, I object to such annexation.

Helgi Einarsen: Unless anyone has objections. I saw we vote on the legislature. So we can move on to more topics.

Azreal Darkmoon: I am talking about the crypts mortis

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: May I speak with the OES people breifly

Helgi Einarsen: Certainly. Xxy, let us vote on this first

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: The oes would like owndership of the crypts?

Azreal Darkmoon: That is the general consensus

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Ok..that'ssomething to bring to civil court when it's up not right now though we can' t make those determinations ok?

Azreal Darkmoon: OK.  I shall relay that message to them

Xuri Dabur: I am a one man guild. Will i be allowed to have a representant?

Helgi Einarsen: We'll debate that at the first assembly meeting.

Keuldan Vraal: we will have to devise a system to accept certain guilds and not others

Aurora Sylvr: Xxy.. May i have a small word with thee?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: yes

Helgi Einarsen: Ladies and Gentlemen, All in favor of a legislature as it has been described, say Aye?

Aurora Sylvr: Be sure not to get your motives wronged here...

Vyktr the Eroded: Upon what basis do you refuse guilds?
Image 2
Xuri Dabur: Aye?
Roop Dirump: aye
Mortis: nay
Bendyl: AYE
Keuldan Vraal: Aye!
Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: AYE
Helgi Einarsen: I mean, say "aye"
Xar: Aye
Xuri Dabur: "aye"
Gargish Dragon: aye

Helgi Einarsen: One more time!

Xuri Dabur: "aye"
Bendyl: Aye
Helgi Einarsen: Aye
Xar: Aye
Keuldan Vraal: Aye!
Azreal Darkmoon: Aye
Xuri Dabur: say aye all
RoseOfJade: I mean Aye.
Roop Dirump: aye whetever it was aye
Lightning: nay
Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: AYE

Helgi Einarsen: That's eight, I think.

Xar: 9 Xar: i count and 1 nay

Xuri Dabur: eight of....90?

Bendyl: 1 nay

Helgi Einarsen: All opossed? Oppossed? Say Nay

Keuldan Vraal: i think it is safe to say it passed

Helgi Einarsen: Well, it's unanimius.

Gargish Dragon: I think we have a majority for the proposal

Helgi Einarsen: It's passed. Okay next, item on the agenda. Shall we have citizen registration, a town map,

Xar: The Yew Waterfall being used as a public bathroom?

Xuri Dabur: aye definatly town map and Xif i may suggest a road of cloth from here to empath abbey....hehe...lockdown by gamemasters

Helgi Einarsen: I nominate Xuri for a party chairman!

Keuldan Vraal: Xar and I are working onit

Bendyl: Yeah you should have maps of Shame and wrong avalible as well they are the closest dungeons and most likely for us not magically inclined sorts to travel to a public library

Helgi Einarsen: Okay Everybody. We are only discussing whether or not to do  a citizen registration, and make public maps of Yew

Xuri Dabur: containt maps for ALL dungeons? and  towns

Helgi Einarsen: Good suggestion, all, but confine them to the topic!

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Ok We also need a website, and someone to host it, to contain this information

Keuldan Vraal: Yes anyone with webspace or skills with such will be needed

Helgi Einarsen: All in favor of taking a town census, and making a map, say Aye!

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: AY
Kromeus LOA: Aye! An' me grandmother was a wagon
Tiernan Caedmon: Aye
Keuldan Vraal: Aye
Helgi Einarsen: Aye
Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: AYE
Gargish Dragon: aye
Octal Dragon SK: Aye
Eleon Oakleaf: yes
Lamorak: yes
Azreal Darkmoon: AYE?
Xuri Dabur: aye

Helgi Einarsen: Seven?

Azreal Darkmoon says NAy
Lamorak: nay
Xuri Dabur: nay what?

Helgi Einarsen: Agalak, argh! Allrighty, then.

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Please everyone let us just get this done We only need to vote on certain formulative matters

Helgi Einarsen: All opposed to the registation and mapping, say Nay.

Mortis: rintrah says nay

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: ok the ayes have it. 1 opposed

Helgi Einarsen: Okay, registration. NExt topic. Justice. Xxy, next topic is Justice.

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Aye oh you want me tos peak?

Helgi Einarsen: Shall thou introduce the main points

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: ok We wish to form a court... Eventually we would like to form a criminal court... but for now, and the ease of play it will be but a civil court. The civil court will have two judges who are elected and then approved by the senate. They will make the determinateions and judgements Should a person wish to appeal they may do so, to the appellate court who can either approve teh appeal and hear it, or not and let the judgement stand if the apeal is argued then it passes to the chief justice Which willbe one judge who can then decide whether to rehear the case again. three tiers 1 chief justice 1 appelate justice and 2 judges there is more, but questsions?

Vyktr the Eroded: Justice, unmeted by Compassion, though, is naught but REVENGE.

Xuri Dabur: May i quote an old saying? Justice is not only to punish the bad, but also to reward the good.

Lilliana Rune: I invite thee all to the tavern after the meeting for some good ale and fine baked foods. The best ale in all the land!

Helgi Einarsen: Thank thee fair lady. I should love to sample thine wares

Bendyl: Yes, I am Bailiff for my guild but that has nothing to do with law  just wanted to mention that so you did not go thinking I was cut out for job

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: ok other quesions?

Xar: tis a troll to the east could be a nuseince

Xuri Dabur: We must serve justice has it done anything yet?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: helgi I don't think this is working...there is too much chaos

Helgi Einarsen: Aye.

Vyktr the Eroded: This troll...has it harmed anyone? What Justice will you dispense for it's death?

Tiernan Caedmon: It is the nature of trolls to do harm.

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I propose a couple of things

Helgi Einarsen: Ladies and Gentlemen Please hear the good Justice.

Vyktr the Eroded: Is it not the nature of the falcon, as well?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: we end this meeting now, and try and get a website... On that website we can have a messageboard where we can discuss these things without being intereupted and such

Vyktr the Eroded: Harm is naught but misunderstood need.

Keuldan Vraal: i second that

Vyktr the Eroded: Do I mis-speak?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: Also I suggest that everyone allows us to formulate the begining goverenment and that if people want to change it later they can in the system by voting and such

Mesostopheles: even though they are mortal affairs...and we are immortal, we still have concern  in the land of the living...

Aurora Sylvr: Your words are heard, and I understand your stance.

Bendyl: ok this is a bit late, but when will the elections for Senate be?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: in the assembly

Keuldan Vraal: I second Xxy's motion!

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: vote Aye to letthe preliminary council form the government

Vyktr the Eroded: Who here has never struck the first blow against an animal?  Out of need for its flesh or hide?  I challenge you, Born, to answer with Honesty.

Keuldan Vraal: Helgi shall we take a vote on Xxy's motion?

Helgi Einarsen: Yes, perhaps we shall

Mesostopheles: Fear us...yet do not think that we will cause any problems

Bendyl: no one answered my question

Helgi Einarsen: People, Xxy and Garish, as well as some of you... Have proposed a website. Very welll. Wilt thou give us four officers the power to formulate a government ?

Vyktr the Eroded: No one answered mine, either..

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I lost it in the storm of lag

Bendyl: when will elections for Senate be held? and when mus nominees be registerd bye?

Helgi Einarsen: We cannot keep ordre and answer everybody's questions at the same time

Keuldan Vraal: that will be decided later Bendyl

Gargish Dragon: The senate wont be "elected" as it is formed of guild representatives who are sent by their guild

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: vykter what was your question?

Vyktr the Eroded: Who among you has never struck the first blow against an animal...  out of need only for it's flesh or hide?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I haven't

Vyktr the Eroded: Truly?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I fight only that which attacks me first

Lamorak: I have. what is your issue?
Image 3
Roop Dirump: I never have, course I provoked a war of goats, chickens, hinds and llamas

Vyktr the Eroded: Then I bow to your...

Bendyl: I was not Sent but I happened to be here, so I will represent

Keuldan Vraal: Vyktr quiet...I beat teh crap out of orcs and i like it

Vyktr the Eroded: Is it not Injust to strike thusly?

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: now's probably not a good time

Vyktr the Eroded: Agreed  I yield the floor.

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I know I want to hear all sides... but if we did right now we'd be here all night

Helgi Einarsen: We will post our decisions... on the website You will be able to vote and debate at the site. All in favor, say Aye!

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: AYE
Helgi Einarsen: Aye
Xuri Dabur: AYE
Tiernan Caedmon: Aye
Bendyl: Aye
Xar: Aye
Keuldan Vraal: Aye!
Gargish Dragon: aye

Helgi Einarsen: All opposed?

Helgi Einarsen: I think the ayes have it.

Xuri Dabur: the ayes have it

Helgi Einarsen: Okay, would any of the Officers like to comment?

Keuldan Vraal: i would like to make a comment  please quiet........ we have a lot of work ahead of us  if anyone has suggestions please do not hesitate to talk to us when you see us around town also if any of you has web resouces please feel free to give us a hand :)

Gargish Dragon: I think it is also good  to take questions to the Serpent Cross Board  until a website is established

Keuldan Vraal: Ay the SC tavern board is a good place to start

Vyktr the Eroded: How may we recognise the members of the Council?

Keuldan Vraal: what is the color of Justice? anyone??

Helgi Einarsen: We all have beards! :)

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: it's the four of us up here riht now

Helgi Einarsen: Green is the color

Lamorak: GREEN

Bendyl: I say you wear funny hats

Vyktr the Eroded: Perhaps the foundation of a Council Guild?

Xar: maybe a special color or item?

Keuldan Vraal: as for now we shall be recognized as we are

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: I like the idea of a guildstone for the Yew government but that's not for now

Xxy Sylvr-Dragon: if people want to ask me a question just icq me my icq is 12693039. Any suggestions or comments feel free to send them to me at icq 12693039. Ok I think we have to end this meeting now xy Sylvr-Dragon: at least formally.

Helgi Einarsen: I think that is all. This meeting is adjourned

Transcript written on 28-Jun-98, Gargish Dragon, Temp. Secretary, Yew Town Council

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