The Movement - part 1
August 6, 1998

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The Movement plot started August 5, 1998 on the Atlantic shard. Gargish Dragon, Azreal Darkmoon and myslef, Garulfo, decided to investigate about this mysterious organization. The first image shows our gathering in the Empath Abbey, in Yew. Rumors first mentioned a murder, committed in Trinsic... The suspects were known as Quanta and Marin, and Quanta's house has been located near the Shrine of Spirituality.

We headed to the Shrine of Spirituality, where we investigated Quanta's house. We found there :

We then headed to Yew, in order to find Gorman the bowyer. When we asked about Marin, he answered that she came with her father, from a place near a beach, where a tailor can be found. He also said that somebody by the name of Edwar could lead us to her place. Edwar was to be found near the Halls of Justice.

Edwar was kind enough to show us Marin's place. She was not home, but we found :