The Movement - part 2
August 7, 1998

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After I checked town maps, I decided to head to Nujelm, as this island has many beaches. I decided to question the tailor, by the name of Jerard. He told me that Rod is in fact Roderique for short, and is Quanta's father. Roderique is not in Nujelm for now, and obviously seems to be engaged in "something"... He also told me to find Palix, somewhere on the island, who knows where Roderique lives.

As I asked very politely, Palix lead me to Roderique's place, where I found the following :

Peterman the Smith (North of Nujelm) added that Sarah in Jhelom is a mage, and that Roderique seems to have strange friends, somewhat involved in religious things.

Balin, in Jhelom, proposed his help to find Tarnie, who is known as an arm trainer in the north isle of Jhelom. Alas, neither Gargish Dragon nor myslef could find him, and I personnaly decided to shorten my staying there after I met some Pkillers (the area is unguarded).

Sarah, in Moonglow, told me that Rod was around. She suggested me to visit a mage by the name of Torin, and in order to find him, I should look for Michael, somewhere in the Southern part of the island.

When I mentionned Roderique's name, Michael was kind enough to lead me to Torin's house.