The Movement - part 7
August 13, 1998

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After the defeat of the Movement leaders, Seer Little made an appearance, in order to gather news about what occured.

Seer Little: Hail!
You see: Seer Little (invulnerable)
Seer Little: Tell me. Who lived? Alexis? This bodes ill. Alexis was the leader. I read his writings.

Note : Seer Little now moves to the sacrifical place.

Seer Little: What happened here? Err this is a sacrifice? So it seems. I bring news. If you will hear me. I was stuck in Alexis's house without me reagents and so I was late for their meeting. However... In that time, I learned some things : I was reading a Journal by Alexis, this more than their simple "code". They have some crazy religious belief that there is some god commanding them! I read it myself and Elana supposedly SAW this god in a fire!

Seer Little: I tell you all : You have done well. Very very well. They are nothing easy to deal with. The fact that you killed Quanta and Gorath is amazing. You brought justice to Aragoth. However, Alexis, Rod, and Valadarzim, they escaped. I fear that there are no clues that lead us to where they might be. I look around and see something planned for attention. Let me see...

Seer Little: Yes, I think it was planned, they were onto us the entire time. See, I was in Gorath's house. I was poking around his belongings... Someone ran up to the house and peeked in, then they darted off. I got a bad feeling : I believe it was an informant for the Movement. Anyway, that was days ago.

Seer Little: I have only a few more things to say : I have a premonition. The people of this "movement" have dissapeared and I say that they are untraceable this time. However... You are all sharp men and women. Keep thy ears to the ground. Listen for their presense. If their movement is what they infer, they will appear again and that is when we strike!

Seer Little: We must kill Alexis. BUT we must be patient. As for poor Aragoth... Well he was avenged. I feel retrobution. I await a sign. When I find it, I will summon help again! I cannot see I do not know where! If I knew, I would go hunt them down.

Seer Little: I know how I can contact you : Read the newspapers. Now, as for you men and women, I am very impressed with your valor and tanacity. I was not able to find this place myself, I followed your tracks. Tis a great deed you have done for the world... And, tis a great deed you have done for Aragoth. I fear that my time is limited. I will return to my studies and await news. I wish you all luck in all of thy efforts. Good Day!

Note : Counselor Zug Zug was also around, then a ghost form of Gorath'al Tharnis came back, but at this time the ether decided that the action was over (repeated Conection Lost).

Conclusions (for now) :