The Movement - part 6
August 13, 1998

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Preliminary note : The following scenes (pages 6 and 7) happened Wednesday, August 12, at 10 PM EST, near the Shrine of Sacrifice (Atlantic). This was the first meeting of The Movement.

 Gargish Dragon, Sundragon, Boro, Craz and myslef rejoined ourselves the Shrine of Sacrifice, where we found some evidences of the meeting. We decided to hide and watch carefully what will occur.

Suddenly Alexis, Valardazim, Gorath'al Tarnis, Roderique and Quanta appeared.

Alexis: Members! Circle around! We have the body! Tis prepared!
You see: torso of Aragoth
Gorath'al Tarnis: indeed it is
Alexis: Sorround the sacrificial table, Quanta, Gorath, Rod
Gorath'al Tarnis: I am ready
Roderique: The Movement grows...
Alexis: Who are these people! BACK OFF! Members of the movement, this is our first meeting.
Gorath'al Tarnis: *nods*
 Alexis: I shall now introduce the first action of the Movement : The corpse of Aragoth!
Quanta: Aye, the first of many!
Alexis: He showed fear in the face of danger. He was killed. We will show the world the power of the Code!
Gorath'al Tarnis: aye, he showed, courage
Alexis: The power of the Gods! Listen closely to me. Remember the books that I gave
Gorath'al Tarnis: *listens closely*
Alexis: That code is to be taken to the very literal extreme. If someone lies : CUT THEIR TONGUE. If they show fear : Kill them.
Gorath'al Tarnis: *smiles wickedly*
Alexis: If they do not donate their money : Take it all! This world will become good again. Remember. You are no mortal. Behind us stands a god. As a member, seek the shrines!
Gorath'al Tarnis: aye, indeed
Alexis: Visit them regularly
Roderique: *lustfully enjoys the hot wax dripping on his wrist*
Alexis: Raise arms to our God. He has made us prevail. Just as he will make us prevail tonight!
Gorath'al Tarnis: we shall, overcome!
Alexis: Prepare my friends.
 Alexis: It seems we have been invaded!
Quanta: Invaded?
Gorath'al Tarnis: *glances arond*
You see Valardazim attacking Gargish Dragon!
You see Quanta attacking Night of Blood!
You see Alexis attacking Gargish Dragon!
You see Gorath'al Tarnis attacking Tommyboy!

Roderique: Long live the Movement!
Gorath'al Tarnis: thou cannot stand before the night of the movement!
Quanta: Never! I shall not die!
Gorath'al Tarnis: thou and thy momma, thou art powerless before me! All of thee shall die! Slowly thou will all die!

Note : A terrible fight ensued, showing that the leaders of The Movement were fighters of incredibly high skill. However, Quanta and Gorath'al Tarnis were slain by the Britannian forces. Alexis, Valardazim, Roderique could escape.