The Movement - part 5
August 8, 1998

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The coordinates obtained in Sir Valadarzim's house leads to this man, Gunthrey, who couldn't help begging for some money. You need to tell him the password, then he mentions another man, Comet the fisherman.

If you ask something about Alexis, Comet will kindly lead you to Alexis' place...

Alexis and Elana's house is locked, unlike the houses formerly visited. You can open the door from the inside, but you can't open it from outside.

In the back room can be found two evidences of the existence of the Movement.

In the bedroom can be found :

Since the date and location of the secret meeting of The Movement has been discovered, I guess enough evidences have been gathered about this plot... Let's just wait this meeting, and see what can be done.

Some things I missed, but then discovered after some verifications :