The Movement - part 4
August 7, 1998

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The two first images shows the house of Gorth'al Tarnis, located on the north island of Jhelom. I missed it last time... Actually he's not here, but some interesting things could have been discovered there, the "could" meaning that book titles and authors had been modified to such things like "OSI sucks", etc. Sigh. The contents haven't been modified however.

Augusta can be found in Serpent's Hold. When you ask about Val, he says that his friend Grayson will show Val's house. Grayson is camping somewhere around.

Grayson says that Val is Sir Valadarzim's nickname, and leads to Val's house.

In the home of Sir Valadarzim are the hides, the broadswords and the plate armors mentionned by the message found in Torin's house. If you combine them in the proper way, you will obtain some geographical coordinates...

In the bedroom can be found a tome of The Code, as well as several locked books (Unlock spell can't do anything).