The Rubi-Ka Geographical Society

Diary of Exploration by Gargish Dragon

November 3, 2001Implants

Completion of the Implant & Clusters guide, see Implants. It now contains a complete list of cluster names, and the correct bonus values given to all classes of stats.

October 29, 2001Travel

With the Omni Amnesty for Clan in place, I have made a large progress in exploring the Transport systems available throughout Rubi-Ka. Gargish found the way to an alternate dimension and learns the art of manipulating nano bots to make as much damage as possible, and he is happily exploring Omni territory. See Travel. He also likes to experiment making implants, and you should find some information about the art under Implants.

August 13, 2001Past Events

Gargish has been making progress. He reached Level 26, and decided that using swords is way cooler than using guns who everyone and their grandmother uses. He wields them as a pair, and has two sets to choose from, one fast set that hits lower, a pair of cutlasses which he updates from mission rewards and a set of heavy Rider Executioners which hit more slowly but very hard. The problem with the latter is that they use the Heavy Weapons skill which is blue for Adventurers, so he will probably stop upgrading them unless he finds a way to increase the Heavy Weapons skill without putting too much IP into it.

Gargish finally found an entrance to the grid he could use, after studying dusty computer manuals instead of wandering the wastes. You should find explanations on the grid and pictures in the Travel and Photographs section. The Grid also led him directly into hostile territory, Omni-1 the heart of Omni-Tek. The city looks grim indeed, it looks much orderly than Athen, but with security cameras and the atmosphere of a graveyard everywhere its not a place where you want to live. The only light is the "Baboons", a large disco with a comfortable chill area. If you visit, you'll like it (in the northeastern part of Omni-Entertrainment. Also there are a lot of basic shops in Omni-Trade, but they are off limits to Clan people, so I bribed a dumb? Atrox soldier to get me a pair of OT or MTI swords (he got my rusty Freedom Arms).

July 12, 2001Slayfest

Slayfest deluxe. I found some nice people to go hunting, first in the mining camps of Borealis, and later in Stret West Bank. XP gain in a team is amazing, although I'll still have to go through missions to get equipment. Level 13 now. The start of a mission is a pain, because the inhabitants of a mission building apparently call for help, and you can't loot corpses while you are attacked now. Looks like this was changed to prevent treasure chest looting runs, but people have also reported problems opening their bags while fighting (now just tell me where to get a bag). There is a nice small town northeast of Borealis (or south of Athen), which I call "Last Ditch" according to the area descriptions around it. It actually looks like an outpost designed to defend the Borealis area from OMNI. There is a screenshot here.

July 8, 2001The right equipment

Today was an overall successful day. after struggling through "hives" examining the local fauna, Gargish found an amazing weapon: The Freedom MX?? proves to be an effective and easy to handle tool for disposing of aggressive elements in the area around Athen. Using this small wonder made the missions much easier and so Gargish Reached level 9.

July 5, 2001Map Navigation

This useful tip comes from AO Stratics:

As your Map Navigation skill increases you can use better map add-ons. Things like a pointy arrow to show where your going up to like you said a radar that shows players around you. I think at really high levels (350+) you get different colors on the map for clan and omni-tek. Also i think i saw an add-on that tells you where the shops are.

You can also get better maps.. but i have no idea how those work sorry, just that you need the skill to do it. All can be found in a basic shop at a Map Term'.

I think the skill is pretty important for everyone... i am raising it for my agent for the better maps and radar.

Hope this helps,
Rob the Hippy.

Also, I found some useful tips on combat as an Adventurer. People seem to make good damage using dual wielded pistols or swords, but it might be necessary to decide which of these to raise further if you want to be top in one weapon skill.

I need better armour. On the other hand, being an Adventurer definitely gives an advantage on healing. Getting Treatment up allows you to buy more efficient healt and nano packs.

July 4, 2001First steps

Yesterday I started doing missions in West Athens, also I joined a team with Skane to explore the desert south of West Athens. Teaming has a big advantage, you seem to receive the full XP of monsters killed, like everyone else in the team. it seemed easy in the lands out there first, but then just after we had saved our new status and went out again were attacked by rollerrats (with red bar) and killed. So its a good idea to save when you can afford it. Saving costs 72 credits for my 6th level adventurer.

I did a mission today that I had tried earlier but failed because I didn't know what to do: Retrieving an info capsule. Once you get this capsule (its hidden somewhere in a house), take it out and use it on the mission booth where you got the mission from. I received a nice kevlar vest for me. Right now, using missions to get armour that you want seems the best way for me. I want to get that adventurer AC buff nano as soon as possible, too. And my adventurer made level 7 today :) I guess I'll play him as my primary character now. Lag and crashes has become much less, too!

July 1, 2001The Start

This is my new page about Anarchy Online. I had been dabbling on AO at the end of Beta4 on an account from a friend, but on June 27 Anarchy Online went live, and I had my preordered AO box even shipped on time for launch by UPS.

With AO having unique "nick" names, there was a run on nicknames when the server (there is only one for now) went up. I don't think its a sign of maturity to call one's name "Neo" of course.

Nevertheless, since launch the servers have been very unstable. Main Problems currently are:

I made 3 characters for now: An Omni Atrox soldier, a clan adventurer and a neutral Engineer. Useful tips to start:

The soldier has "burst shot" capability with his newbie rifle, also he has a start nano to boost his hitpoints. Before learning the nano, shift-click on the nano crystal to see which skills to raise, then use U to see skills and raise the necessary skills to max before "using" the nano program.

I already tried an Engineer in beta. The power of engineers are their "pets". Engineer can create robots, the starting character already has a nano to create lesser automatons. The nano programm generates an "automaton shell" which you then just use to create the automaton. Use the /pet command to give the pet commands. (/pet help for a list of commands).

The only useful extra ability for adventures in the beginning is Quick Heal, which comes in handy when you use it together with the beginner medkit which restores health AND nano.

My first actual visit outside the newbie areas were to West Athen. Coming out of the apartment complex I visited some shops north of the street, then headed towards the west gate. The area outside the city is nice, and not even as laggy as the city (On my GeForce2 MX). I tried to take a mission there, where I had to retrieve an information container, which worked fine (I got the container) but then I couldn't leave the mission zone.