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This page contains some references to things I wrote around the Ultima computer game series published by Origin.

My Dragon name comes from the race of Gargoyles, which I find very interesting in its philosophy and culture. I have done some research in their culture. There are also some hints to the Ultima Games and technical info for those who want to mess around with the save game files.

The Runes of the Gargish writing Ultima VI
Pronounciation of Gargish words Ultima V, VI
A Dictionary of the Gargish Language Ultima VI
What to do to Gain Virtue Ultima IV
Galactic Traveller Space Guide for the Solar System Ultima ][
Ultima III Roster file format Ultima III
Ultima V Save Game File Format  Ultima V
Runes of Virtue Hints (beta!) Ultima ROV
Ultima Online Index  UO

Origin has given the  Ultima Dragons permission to make Ultima IV available for  download on their web pages (proof). If you haven't played it yet, be sure to try it! This game is the key in understanding all later Ultimas as well as Ultima Online.
Ultima IV title screen

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